Rowlf-1.jpgAt Pawsitive, we love puppies! In fact, Simone has a special interest in puppies, and knows that by helping owners with the best advice and training methods during this critical developmental period, you should never need to enlist her specialist skills as a behaviourist later in your dog’s life!

Simone has helped many hundreds of owners with puppy advice and puppy training over the years, both in group training classes and on a one-to-one basis. Puppies are like blank slates, and at this early stage in life, a puppy’s brain is like a sponge. They are learning about the world around them every minute, and they learn very rapidly. It therefore makes good sense to take an active role in your puppy’s learning right from the start, and to teach your puppy good behaviours before they learn anything else, rather than trying to un-do problems at a later time. This approach will make your puppy’s formative period much easier for you as an owner, make life more enjoyable for your puppy, and help to prevent a multitude of problems from developing as your puppy matures and becomes more confident and independent.

Pawsitive offers 2 services to help owners make the best start with their puppies.

Group Training Classes

Missy, Fergus & CharlieTraining classes run over a 9 week term, and cover all of the basic obedience exercises that your puppy should understand in order to become a well mannered member of your family, and wider community. Class sizes are limited to 6 dogs per class to ensure that you receive as much individual attention as possible. The training classes are designed at a beginner’s level and are suitable for puppies with little or no previous training. There is no minimum age at which a puppy can join, as the training classes are suitable for all ages and developmental stages. Puppies that have not yet completed their vaccinations are welcome to join, but should be carried into the training hall to avoid exposure to public areas that unvaccinated dogs or foxes may have contaminated.

The training classes are extremely popular and book up well in advance of the start of each term, so early booking is essential to secure a place.

Please visit the Training Classes page for more information about the classes, or the Contact page if you would like to receive further information about pricing, booking, or if you have any other questions.

One-to-One Puppy Training


Working together on a One-to-One basis offers a flexible, tailor made service to suit your individual requirements. With One-to-One puppy training, Simone comes to you and works with you and your puppy on an individual basis, initially at your home, but then we can progress to any other areas outside of the home that you would like such as local parks, your place of work, etc. Whether you are a first time puppy owner with 101 questions or a more experienced owner that just needs some help with a specific area, Simone can offer a wealth of experience and expertise in ‘all things puppy’, including socialisation, mouthing/biting/chewing, house training, sleeping problems, excessive crying, diet & nutrition, basic training, teaching tricks, appropriate play, building confidence, introduction to other pets, travelling in the car, learning to spend time alone, and anything else you can think of that you would like help with!

Ella1As One-to-One puppy training is very flexible, you can do as many or as few sessions as you feel you need, and you can combine One-to-One puppy training with the Dog School Training Classes as well, if you wish. One-to-One puppy training sessions can be arranged weekly, fortnightly, or on an ad hoc basis, depending on your needs, and weekday as well as weekend appointment times are available to suit your schedule. All family members are welcome and encouraged to participate in sessions, which are always informative, practical and enjoyable for both you and your puppy!

Please visit the One-to-One TrainingTias-puppies.jpg page for more information about One-to-One Training, or the Contact page if you would like to receive further information about pricing, booking, or if you have any other questions.

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