We had Bella, a ten year old German Shepherd, and decided to get a new puppy, Santa. We went to puppy training but when we were out with Bella, she would not let Santa mix with other dogs. When we lost Bella and Santa was on her own, Santa would ignore some dogs, but bark aggressively at others, and ignore us when we called her. We avoided all dogs and were nervous wrecks! I was recommended to Simone by one of her former success cases.

After a home visit from Simone, week one we managed ‘No Barking at other dogs’. Excellent! Week two we met two ladies in the park with eight dogs! Santa froze on the spot, but with Simone’s encouragement she was fine. From then on, every week there was such an improvement and now we are able to enjoy our walks with Santa greeting dogs of all shapes and sizes and we are confident now that she will be friendly.

Thank you so much! I will certainly recommend your training skills to other people with problems.

Jill and Ray Lawrence



Hello my name is Ailsa. I don’t remember much before I ended up in Battersea Dogs Home, having been found wandering around Haringey. No lady likes to tell her age so let’s say I was around 6 months old. Anyway, two lovely people came in looking for a dog after I’d been in the home for about ten days. I put on my best show and they took me home that very day.

The problem was I didn’t know how to say please and thank you. I wanted to show them how grateful I was but ended up hurting them. I bit them and growled at them. I would jump up to say hello and get too excited and then end up dragging them around by their clothes. It started to get frightening for everyone. My mum lost quite a few items of clothing over the first weeks.

It got so bad that my mum thought I might have to go back to the home. I was getting so frustrated that I was beginning to get a bit dangerous …. I even bit my Nana!

So they called Pawsitive and along came Simone..

In 30 mins I had changed from a frustrated and scary ticking bomb to the loving family dog my mum and dad had wanted. From that moment on I have not bitten anyone and have left all clothes in tact (apart from one pair of shoelaces – they were too tempting). Simone showed my mum and dad how to set the rules and she taught me what basic instructions meant and how to follow them.

Within the first two hours I was able to have the most juicy bit of sausage thrown at me and I would leave it alone! I never knew I had such self control!

Simone gave advice on what I should eat and also taught me that jumping on my 17 yr old step sister cat is not a good idea.

Since then we have had three more sessions in which I have been properly introduced to other dogs and been allowed off lead- as long as I am a good girl. I owe soooooo much to Simone. I am safe, loved and looked after and I think I give equal amounts of love back. I love cuddles and can enjoy them without getting to excited.

If you are a dog and know you need help ….. Go to see Simone.


DominoI decided to apply to Dalmatian Rescue to re-home a problem dog. Within a few weeks Domino the Damnation arrived, 13 months old and full of attitude. Having owned dogs, cats and horses over the years I felt more than well equipped to deal with this spotty demon. 6 days later I rang the Rescue centre in tears asking them to take him back as I could not deal with his unbelievably disruptive behaviour. The rescue centre were wonderful and with 24 hours Simone arrived for a home visit and with patience, and sensible advice turned us both around. Simone helped me understand Domino, his self appointment to Pack Leader, taught me how to deal with his challenging and outwardly aggressive behaviour and obsession with food. The day was without doubt a turning point for us both and she has kindly returned to visit us at home, and will again shortly to coach us all through introduction to CATS!!

Domino is a lovely hound and still has lapses (only at home – his castle) but I now know that this is always due to my mixed messages and him as an eternal opportunist.

Thanks Simone.



We’ve had Merlot since he was a pup and for no reason he developed a nasty temperament towards children when he was about 18 months old. The only thing we can think of was that he’d gotten bitten by his siblings at a year old (birthday party reunion – not always a good idea!).

Given that we have a large garden & a Frenchie that enjoys a fairly quiet life, we just became careful when friends with children visited or we were out in public with him. However, we knew we could no longer work around the problem given our wish to adopt children of our own.

We had tried both traditional training classes plus home visits from a behaviourist and saw little to no improvement. He’s a smart dog who would do the bare minimum to get through the sessions and earn the treats but no real progress was made. Then a friend gave us Simone’s number and we haven’t looked back since!

From the first session she seemed to understand how to read Merlot and more importantly knew how to get us to get through to him. She listened to what was important and acceptable to us – truly understanding that we all have specific individual expectations from our dogs. In addition to his problem with children we would also work through his other pet hates – dogs & wheels.

The change has been incredible. We no longer cringe with embarrassment or fear when children want to stroke the “funny looking dog” or when passed by people on bikes or in wheelchairs. Our neighbours children can now come in to play without a worry and Simone’s daughter has also become a friend and Mum’s little helper at our sessions.

We cannot thank Simone enough for the change and confidence she has given us and the real difference this will make to our future family plans.

Post Script from Simone: This story had a very happy ending indeed when this family were finally able to adopt their son, pictured above with Merlot and their other dog, Tess.

Billy Bob

Billy Bob

I cannot recommend Simone Day enough. She is angel of the dogs, and life saver of the dog owner.

She can fix any problem….even the stubbornness of Basset Hounds. When Billy Bob was 5 months old he was still peeing in the house, did not like walking on a lead, would not come back to me – you name it, he did it.

I had read every book under the sun, was working from home, and still could not manage to to break this habit. My relationship with Billy was strained and we needed a solution.

Making that step to call Simone was the best day of both mine and Billy Bob’s life. He is now through her training and has become a well adjusted and very well trained dog. Most importantly, the love and bond between us had grown because I have learned how to speak his language and he has learned to speak mine.

I have recommended Simone to enormous amounts of people over the years and they all have thanked me for doing so.

If you doubt, dont! Make that call, Simone can fix any problem.




Just wanted to thank you for helping Pan and I so much – He has become the dog we always wanted, and after nearly 6 years of misbehaving, I thought that was impossible! and after so may ineffective attempts in the past, we are so glad we found you!Your kind and highly effective methods have enabled us to re-gain control, and get him to listen to us! He’s not an angel… But he’s no longer a nightmare.I’ve been spurred to write because we went to a big annual event at the weekend, and this is the first year we have been able to take him us! He did amazingly well – and despite all the hustle and bustle and hundreds of other dogs, he didn’t bark once! We even stayed in a busy campsite – and laughed about another dog who was barking at everything passing – eight weeks ago that would have been Pan!It’s such a dramatic change! He’s now a sociable little fella – and everyone loves him all the more for it – the family were amazed at the change in him! I keep telling people how bad it used to be and they look at me disbelievingly! I can’t quite believe I can happily let him off in the park – and feel confident at keeping him focused on me!I’m so proud of him, and so pleased that I now don’t have to cringe everyone I see an approaching bike, dog, car, or anything he thinks is a bit interesting! Amazingly he barely notices bikes, even off lead!I can’t thank you enough – and neither can he, because he now comes out with us and has fun, rather than being left behind because he’ll be naughty!ThanksLara and Pan (no longer a Border Terrorist!)



SashaI’ve had my dog Sasha since the age of 7 weeks and although she has always been gentle natured she was attacked by a male Mastiff when only about one year old. This attack scared her and it left her unable to trust other dogs. ‘Attack as the best form of defence’ became her strategy. It got so bad that a few years down the line I was unable to take her for a walk, she wouldn’t listen to me, and I had very little control over her whether inside or outside the house. This behaviour wore me down, caused me distress, and as a result she was never allowed off the lead in public areas. Walking her became more and more impossible; her only form of enjoyment and exercise was in our garden. Taking her out became a thing of the past. When she’s snarling, drooling and prancing on her back legs, generally looking quite fearsome, and totally out of control, how can you explain to people that your pretty, loveable German Shepherd is really a nice dog?

In early 2005 I was introduced to Simone Day. After a home consultation and attending her training classes I really started to take on board her effective ways of gaining control of my dog in every situation imaginable. Sasha and I now meet with Simone once a week which helps to build my confidence. Sasha is now six years old, well behaved, friendly towards people and other dogs. She is off lead when walking in the park and can be taken anywhere. If only we had met Simone years earlier I wouldn’t have experienced so many traumas with my dog as a delinquent pup.”
~ Annette Ward


IsisIsis arrived with us four months ago, needing to be rehomed at the age of three, and having recently had a litter of pups.

We didn’t know what had hit us and at the end of the first month, we were shattered, despondent and had received a complaint from the council about her constant barking when left alone. She was behaving in a way neither of us had ever experienced before with any of our previous dogs, and we were on the verge of taking her back to the breeder.

Thankfully we met Simone and from the very first session she had with us and Isis, things started to improve. Simone’s strategy for dealing with the barking was an instant success, and her work with Isis to help her feel more secure and less threatened when left on her own or when coming into contact with other people, is producing great results.

We’re continuing to work with Simone to help Isis overcome her issues and become a happy and settled member of the family. In only three months, we feel we’ve got a different dog, the improvement in her behaviour is amazing and without Simone’s help, we would sadly have had to admit defeat.

Thank you Simone, we couldn’t have done it without you.”
~ Jenny, Tom & Isis


JimmyA great session today, thanks. I always learn something new! As does Jimmy of course!
~ Annie

More testimonials coming soon!

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